Saturday, February 25, 2012

Growth and Ideas

I've been thinking… I can see by the page view stats that people seem to like that I have been directing the blog content toward medical billing. Still, there is more to healthcare business than just medical billing. As a matter of fact, I don’t even do medical billing any more. I did – I have a lot of experience in billing, but I grew. Today, I am a healthcare IT product manager. In other words, I develop healthcare software. Mostly, I want this blog to be more. I want to share my experience and ideas (as broad as they may be). I am not going to stop adding posts about billing – but I am going to add other topics in between – shake things up a bit.  

Great ideas are generated from diversity. For example, I am an avid reader. Recently I have read some great business books that have given me new ideas and new ways of looking at things. I think I will start sharing some of my new learning with my readers. You will find, as I always do, that not every piece of information you is useful but almost every source has something of value. When you learn about a new topic, it is best to cherry pick the ideas that work within your context. Accordingly, it makes sense to diversify your sources as much as possible.

Perhaps at this point, I will start by talking about the book that inspired me to start this blog. I recommend it highly; however, I am going to hold off on the title until you know more. When I first saw the title of this book, I was not going to read it. I assumed that it was different than it was and I was wrong. So, before telling you the name of the book, I will tell you about my interpretation of the book.

This book teaches several topics. First it shows a person how to network using a free and open exchange of ideas. Basically, don’t brag about what you know – show it. By giving information away for free, you start conversations that open doors to new possibilities. The more people who share ideas the more we all learn and the more we all grow in knowledge and experience.

Growth is the next focus of the book. It shows a person how constant learning, constant exchange of ideas sparks creativity and personal growth that help a person to expand out of the status quo. The basic idea is ‘do whatever it is you do well and then grow out of it by learning more and pushing harder’. Some may consider this obvious – but few act on it.

Over the years, I have seen many bosses afraid to let their employees know too much or do too much. The boss holds on to his or her position by withholding information, ignoring the value of new ideas, and blatantly refusing change (growth). They are afraid that someone else will get the credit, that he/she will look stupid, or someone else will get ‘their’ promotion. This mentality is not in line what businesses need – leadership. Leadership promotes growth – regardless of who comes up with the ideas.  The truth is, these bosses will never be promoted because they don’t grow out of their current position – they are stuck in the status quo.

Finally, understanding this simple concept and supporting this theory, I started this blog. This is a place where diverse information is free and open exchange of ideas is highly encouraged. Like this blog, the book that inspired me is free, too. Further, it is readily available online. The book is called The Science of Getting Rich”. While I learned about business networking from this book, it was actually published in 1910, long before the term was popularized.

A copy of the book can be found online for free following this link:

It is a short read and has some great ideas on networking, growth, and leadership. Don’t be deceived by the title as I almost was. It is not some nutty pyramid scheme promising overnight success and wealth. The book promotes setting goals and accomplishing them with good, old-fashioned hard work and education. Give it a read, I think you might like it as much as I did. 


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