Saturday, March 10, 2012


Ok, in the last few posts we have covered a lot. Your head must be spinning. So, I am introducing something new that may help. First, understand this… there is a lot to know. As soon as you know it, it will change. Seems like a bad joke, right? No, it’s not. Healthcare is evolving. Obviously, the more you learn the easier the changes will be to handle. With that, here is the secret to leaning and keeping up on the latest…. Ready?......RESOURCES.  Basically, know where to go to look things up.

To help you, I am introducing a new page to the blog. The page is called Resources and you can click on it at the top of the page. It is not very pretty but the links to helpful resources are gold! I will update it as I find useful things to share. In the mean time, take a look and see if anything there is of interest to you.

To all of the advertisers who comment on my blog all the time
This resource page can be a help to you also. If your company website has useful resources or educational information, shoot me an email or message through Linkedin with the URL and a description of what the site has to offer and I will gladly add it to the resource list at no cost. Please keep in mind, this blog is designed to share knowledge NOT sell things. So, if your website does not have educational value – don’t waste my time. I will NOT post it. Finally, advertisers… if you have something to share that has some educational value and would like to collaborate on a blog post – contact me and we’ll see if we can work something out. I would love to have some other experts contribute educational information. Again, don’t waste my time or my reader’s time with sales stuff. This blog is educational ONLY. 


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