Saturday, April 21, 2012

Has AllScripts Hit a Home Run in EMR Innovation?

I spoke too soon! In a recent post, I said that someone needed to design an app sytle EMR. Well, I should have known… AllScripts to the rescue! On April 5, 2012 AllScripts announced the release of the Wand, an iPad application that gives doctors mobile access to the most commonly used features of their EMR.

While I have not seen the Wand myself, the concept is GREAT and the company’s press release interviews an end-user who is quite pleased with the product calling it “elegant”. Most impressive, is how AllScripts designed the product and this design is why I am convinced that Wand is going to be a home run! Finally, an EMR company is taking user experience seriously. The Wand was designed, according to the press release, incorporating user-experience concepts and Human Performance Modeling.

For those not familiar, Human Performance Modeling is a performance modeling technique that incorporates both behavioral psychology (in other words, how people move and why) with best practices from concepts like Total Quality Management and Six Sigma. Human performance Modeling not only helps to make software usage more convenient but also (and most importantly) more efficient by eliminating performance gaps.

Like I said before, I have not had the pleasure to see the Wand, but if I get the chance you can be guaranteed I will revisit this topic in another post to tell you everything I learn about it. In the mean time, you can see the press release by following this link:

Or you can check out AllScrtipts website at


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