Tuesday, December 16, 2014

London Trip - Day 3 - Exploring Harrods

Today after work, I went to Harrods. I was told by many people that it is definitely something I must see. Now I know why! Harrods is HUGE! There are entire sections dedicated to specific products - all super high-end. For example, the shoe department has to have been a 1/2 mile divided into individual stores dedicated to big brands like Prada, Manolo Blahnik, etc. The perfume section was equally huge and again divided up similarly with big name perfume makers.

Some of the rooms throughout Harrods are themed. For example, there is a large segment of the store Egyptian themed. The Egyptian theme was pretty cool, but oddly placed. The theme of the rooms didn't reflect or even relate to the items sold within. For example, the part of the Egyptian section was high end accessories (purses, sun glasses, etc.).

The store also had a couple of nice tributes to Princess Diana and Dodie Fayed. These were the first such tributes I have seen here in London. I was a little surprised but I though it was nice.

Harrods has some lovely Christmas decorations, though it still doesn't compete with the decorations in NYC at Christmas. The windows were all done up. But it wasn't Macy's NYC, then I am very bias toward Macy's. Pictures will be coming soon so everyone can see how nice the decorations are.

There was also an entire (huge) department dedicated to home decor and Christmas decorations. Everything was nice to see but I couldn't take any pictures. I had to leave the department rather quickly to avoid a scene. While I was looking at the tree ornaments (right near the entrance to that department), I saw a snow globe with a dog inside and snow falling all around. My dog, Daisy, loved snow - she would try to eat it as it fell. Unfortunately, she won't get to see snow this winter.  I lost my Daisy to cancer just a few days before coming to London. After seeing that snow globe, I nearly broke down in the store and had to go distract myself elsewhere.

In happier news...

I had heard that there is a food court within Harrods that cannot be missed. I found it! Actually, I couldn't miss it - HUGE! Every kind of food imaginable and nothing like a traditional food court at a USA mall. There were sit down restaurants, take out stations (that looked a little like the meat and cheese deli at a supermarket in the USA - but bigger), and an entire huge section dedicated to chocolates - every chocolate imaginable. It was stunning. I have never seen anything like it before. The best part, I was able to get BOTH steak and kidney pie and shepherds pie which I brought back to the hotel and proceeded to make a complete pig of myself.

The shepherds pie was amazing. The steak and kidney pie was just ok. It has been a while since I've had steak and kidney pie and either my tastes have changed over the years or this was particularly gamy. Either way, I ate it but enjoyed the shepherds pie much, much more.

( I'd already taken a bite out of the shepherds pie before the picture :))

Overall, I am not a big shopper so Harrods was an experience - but I genuinely prefer seeing the architecture over shopping.


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