Sunday, December 14, 2014

Trip to London - A Few Things I Forgot to Mention

I cannot believe that I forgot to mention Beefeaters. Technically they are called Yeomen Warders and just nicknamed Beefeaters. They are the guardians of the Tower of London and provide amazing tours (I attended one of the tours) but they are not just tour guides. They are technically part of the Royal bodyguard(s) referred to as the Yeomen of the Guard dating back to the 1500s. The Beefeaters remained at the Tower of London rather than following the Monarch around to protect the Tower and thereby London when the Monarch was away. I loved their uniforms! And, they even have a gin named after them - though much to their dismay, they don't get royalties from the use of the name :).

Also, I failed to mention the ravens at the Tower of London. Apparently, legend has it that the Tower will fall if the ravens ever depart. So, they keep at least 6 (currently 8) ravens at the tower all the time. I got some great pics of the ravens. I will upload those tomorrow.

Good night for real this time!


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