Sunday, February 8, 2015

Visiting Oslo Norway - Day 1

I arrived at Oslo Airport this morning. I was worried about struggling with a foreign language. Fortunately, it seems that everyone speaks English. I was able to get coffee in the airport and find the bus that would take me within a few blocks of my hotel without any problems. The scenery along the bus ride was very nice. Norway is very mountainous and quite snowy.

After I checked into the hotel, I decided to go exploring. Initially, I'd planned to go to a Viking ship museum but the cab fair would have translated to $50 each way and I cannot figure out the trains here! So, I scrapped the Viking Museum idea and went to the Museum of Cultural History which is just around the corner (walking distance) from my hotel. The museum is relatively small, only some of the displays explain the exhibit in English, and they didn't have an audio tour. I went through the entire museum in less than an hour. I'll admit, I was disappointed but in fairness not every museum can be the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

After the museum, I decided to go on an adventure - just walk around and get lost (no worries, I have Google maps). I found an area with shops, but nothing is open on Sunday. So, after about an hour walk, I am back at the hotel.

The hotel is decent (very plain) but doesn't have an in room coffee maker or any means of controlling the temperature in the room (its freezing in here). On the bright side, I have free wifi and there are a few English-speaking TV channels, including Disney Channel. But, I suppose that's for the best as I have homework to do anyway. Dinner may be a challenge with nothing open, but there is a little shop in the hotel where I can grab junk food to tide me over until tomorrow.

So, that's about it... not too much to tell. With that, I am going to do my homework now.


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