Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Trip to Italy - Naples

While in Italy we spent part of a day in Naples. I cannot say I was impressed by the city itself. There were a couple of things of interest, but otherwise the city was just any city. So, here I will only focus on the things I thought were interesting.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we spent the day with a tour guide and he took us to lunch at a wonderful restaurant in Naples. I didn't take any pictures of the food because I was too busy eating it :). It was GREAT! Then, all the food in Italy is amazing (my scale agrees that I really liked the food in Italy). 

After lunch we walked over to the Archaeology Museum which houses all of the things that were too precious to leave out in the elements in Pompeii. So, if you ever go to Pompeii be sure to go to the museum also. It was wonderful. But, before I get to the museum, let's talk about interesting facts about Naples. 

Naples is a port city that over the centuries was ruled by many different people. Accordingly, the language in Naples is a little different from Italian. It is a merge of several languages (though I cannot remember them all). Naples is also the home of pizza. I have to be honest, though... I have had equally good pizza in NYC. And, despite people telling me it is sooooo different - its not! It is basically the same pizza we have here. The major differences are in the crust. The crust is bland and very thin. The idea is that the toppings really make the pizza and the crust is just a vehicle to get it into your mouth. So, they see no need to make the pizza crust anything special. 

Another fun fact (well, experts aren't completely sure actually - but it is suggested and now believed by many to be true)... Dracula (Vlad the Impaler)  is buried in Naples and I got to see where! Here's a picture of the location:

Next on the agenda was the Archaeology Museum. WOW! AMAZING! In addition to all of the things from Pompeii this museum has so much history, I was absolutely in awe. This museum is not to be missed. I will share all my pictures, but be warned I am a BIG fan of sculpture (anything made of rock really - any type of rock will do - I just love rocks. Sometime I will have to explain why - but that will have to be a separate post. For now, just know I love sculpture) so there are a lot of pics of those that I saw. 


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