Monday, September 21, 2015

Traveling on Business... Alone

If you have read my blog before you know that I am loving my travel to Europe for business. I am in London again and having a ball (for the most on)! I love London and will have much more to share soon... but before I share all the details and photos, I have a purpose for this post.

As much as I love to travel, traveling alone has some wins and some pains. When I visit a museum, I can spend as much time as I want near a favorite display and rush past those that I find boring and no one can complain. When I am touring I can get lost and discover new things and no one complains. I can be "late" to destinations that I choose and no one complains. I can see the sights I want to see and no one can complain. And, when I am "off the clock", I am a tourist again and can do whatever I please and I have no one to answer to. But....

I hate eating alone. I try to eat as many meals on the run as possible so I don't have to sit at a table by myself wondering how dumb I look. Now, it is dinner time and my stomach is making ungodly noises. I want dinner. But, here I sit in the hotel room thinking about how awkward it is to sit in a restaurant alone and wondering if I should just quite my stomach with a bag of chips from the grocery store.

Generally, I am a confident person so I should be able to walk into restaurant like I own the place. Just now, I tried and failed. When I saw other people sitting and eating - I kept walking as if it wasn't ever my intention to stop. I walked around the block and came right back to my hotel room to hide. Pitiful!

Then I thought, if I blog about it - tell the world that I plan to eat alone - I cannot possibly disappoint my readers. I will be forced to people watch and then write to tell you all about my experience eating alone in London... Right?

Well, it's worth a shot. The place I want to eat has some of my favorite (perhaps I should spell it favourite since I am in London :)) dishes like Cottage Pie and Bubble and Squeak... I should go and enjoy a traditional English meal while I have the chance. Right?

Ok I am going to try again. Who knows, maybe I will meet some nice English people who will take pity on the poor lonely American tourist and talk to me. Chances are good, the English are very nice. Here we go... If I make it and succeed in this venture of eating alone - I will tell you all about the experience. I know you are just waiting on the edge of your seat for an update :).


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