Monday, September 21, 2015

I didn't wimp out... Technically

I ended up eating at the hotel restaurant... Not quite what I hoped but at least I am not in my room with a bag of chips. Don't think this is not a cop out, however. The restaurant I wanted doesn't serve dinner. It is a pub that turns full bar at night. Turns out that in the evening they only serve snacks and beer. So, it wouldn't have served my purposes anyway.

Eating alone is still no fun. I am trying to people watch but in doing so I am reminded  that I am the only person eating by myself. And sitting next to a group of Asian tourists speaking in a language with which I am completely unfamiliar, eavesdropping is useless.

So, in the end this is the worst part of traveling alone. Usually try to get an apartment or hotel with in-room cooking facilities (like a microwave). Unfortunately, that is not always possible like with this trip. Well, such is life.

Once I am done eating I will return to my hermit ways - retreating to room looking forward to tomorrow when I go to see Measure by Measure at the Globe Theater with a coworker. 

On a positive note, when I get back to my room I will have plenty of time to tell you all about my adventures and share pictures from this trip. Despite the pains at dinner, I have had a wonderful time touring London!


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